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  • Hummus cream 10,50€

    Accompanied by candied figs, black olive tapenade and pumpkin seeds with pita bread

  • Nachos with melted cheese 11,50€

    With guacamole, chopped tomato and onion, sour cream and jalapeño (With beef tex mex +1,50)

  • Stuffed gyozas 10,95€

    Stuffed with chicken and vegetables in spicy Thai sauce with nori seaweed

  • Vietnamese Rolls 12,50€

    Of vegetables and prawns with lettuce, mint and sweet chili

  • Canadian scallops 17,95€

    With extra virgin olive oil caviar, pistachio mustard and pita bread

  • Patatas trufa 10,50€

    Fried potatoes, truffle mayonaise, caramelized onion and parmesan cheese

  • Patatas bravas LaPlaya 9,85€

    Fried potatoes, kimchi mayonaise, siracha, sauce spice and nori seaweed

  • Tomato salad 12,95€

    With greek cheese and green pesto

Sandwich Deluxe


  • Octopus brioche 13,95€

    With pil pil mayo base and micro mix

  • Sandwich Surfhouse 13,95€

    Delicious roast beef with gravy on bread with bacon and cheddar cheese

  • Chicken Thai 12,95€

    Chicken with dried tomato marinated in mustard and thyme, brie cheese, yuzu mayonnaise on luxury chapata

Salads & Poke Bowls

  • Burratina 15,95€

    Burrata cheese, cashews, figs, roasted pear, pesto sauce, lamb's lettuce and arugula

  • César 14,95€

    Roast chicken breast, lettuce, egg, flakes of parmesan cheese, bacon ice cream and homemade cesar sauce

  • Tabulé 12,50€

    Cous-cous, peppers and courgette sauteed with raisins, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and feta cheese with yogurt (With roast chicken +2)

  • Poké wailele 14,95€

    Salmon marinated in soy sauce and wasabi, wakame, tobiko, snow peas, avocado, pineapple, black sesame with a kimchi mayonaise

  • Poké Ka Lä 15,50€

    Red tuna marinated in tonkatsu and yuzu, cucumber, edamame, tobiko, marinated ginger, wakame, mix of Japanese spices and wasabi mayonaise


  • Burger Entrecot 200gr. 14,95€

    Beef burger, lettuce, cucumber, caramelized onion, crispy bacon and original mustard sauce

  • Argentine Angus loin cut 350gr. 33,90€

    Braised with butter and rosemary, deluxe vegetables accompanied by French fries

  • Chicken Skewer 17,95€

    With honey and mustard, fried potatoes and sautéed vegetables

  • Fingers de pollo caseros 11,50€

    Chicken Fingers with special black beer bbq sauce


  • Almadraba red tuna tataki 18,50€

    With Japanese marinade, toasted sesame and pink pepper

  • Grilled Salmon Steak 21€

    With cream cheese and sauteed vegetables

  • Bass 23,50€

    Accompanied by hollandaise sauce with crispy almond flakes and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes

Asian Food

  • Chicken wok 14,95€

    Grilled chicken wok with Thai-style noodles, vegetables and toasted cashews with Asian sauce

  • Khao Soi 14,50€

    Typical thai dish, creamy red curry, noodles, chicken, red onion, fried wonton and spring onion

  • Korean Bimbimbap 14,50€

    Sushi rice, vegetables, spiced minced meat, yakiniku sauce accompanied by fried egg

  • Risotto estilo japonés 22€

    With Canadian scallops and mixed mushrooms

Children's Menu

  • Macaroni Bolognese 10,95€

    With beef and grated Parmesan cheese

  • Children's Hamburger 12,50€

    150gr of beef with tomato and lettuce, accompanied by French fries


  • Homemade cheese cake 6,50€

    Accompanied by red fruits and pistachios

  • Snickers Brownie 6,95€

    With peanuts accompanied by kinder ice cream, dulce de leche cream and caramelized popcorn, in the truest snickers style

  • Sweet brioche 6,95€

    With caramel, white chocolate cream and mascarpone

  • Homemade crepe 6,50€

    Nutella, banana and chocolate shavings

  • Crunchy Violet Coulis 6,50€

    Of red fruits, violet ice cream and yogurt covered with petaZ

  • Seasonal fresh fruit salad 10€

    Serve with natural yogurt and muesli +1€

  • Tub ice creams 4,95€

    Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon and stracciatella

  • Almond ice cream 2,80€

Açai Bowls

Red fruits from the Amazon that neutralize free radicals, burn fat, help digestion, are rich in fiber, accelerate the immune system and act as an antioxidant.

  • Original 8,45€

    Acai, banana, muesli, strawberries, kiwi, walnuts and honey

  • Uluwatu 8,45€

    Açai, strawberries, banana, raspberry, mango, oats and condensed milk